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Bloods Drop New Single “Devo”


Recently the band called Bloods got together to release a new song from their new album Together, Baby! from Share It Music. The music that transpires is a fuel through your speakers is fueled by shouting and a rough ride. While the accompanied video is mostly words on a screen, the two minute song is more than that. Stream it below and hear for yourself.

The song is just barely over the two minute mark. But what you get in that time frame is a yelling and thunderous track. The song has the power of three versions of itself and burns like a newspaper. Quick, thunderous and unapologetic; it plays out over your speakers and you wonder where you’ve been this whole time.

The song can be heard wherever you stream music or above on YouTube. The song is also available for preorder on Share It Music before it drops on September 23.

Image Credits: Photo by Alex Wall.



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