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Well Wisher Drops New Song “29”


In music bands can sound similar but not the same. Even if it’s similar it can have notes that distance it from point A to point B. When you listen to the new single “29” it has a distinct sound that carries it into a new plane from Well Wisher. There’s a sound hear that’s beautiful and seamless without trying to hard. In fact it’s seamless on their new sounding record That Weight.

The song opens with a melody that’s easy to follow. The easy going melody definitely gets you in a good mood. The song is happy but also heartfelt. There’s a reminiscent tone that rings in your head while the song plays along. The way the song plays out you can follow along like you’re part of the band. The vocals lead the whole thing while the guitar part helps the song reach its end.

The song can be heard above or on a streaming platform. Their new album is out on Egghunt Records and can be preordered before it drops on September 16. Well Wisher is on tour starting August 25 in Troy, NY at No Fun until August 28 at Bar Frieda. Their tour can be able to track here,

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Egghunt Records.



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