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Archers Of Loaf Release Screamer off New Album


Of the bands who could be putting out a new record, Archers of Loaf wouldn’t be on our list. In fact we wouldn’t configure them for anything cause’ we thought was broken up. However the band has been back for a while and they have a new album coming in October called Reason In Decline. Their new song is a banger called “Screaming Undercover” and it hits to the end.

The song opens with drums hitting the eternal sticks. The way the music goes it snaps along but seems like it was meant to be. The band sounds better than they have in years and celebrates this together. The instruments are on the same page as the band is in unison on this front, Their lyrics and everything are on the right side of things and there’s no joking about that.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Their new album is available for preorder from Merge Records before it’s October 21 release date. Archers of Loaf are on tour starting November 29 at Ottobar in Baltimore, MD until December 04 at Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC. Their dates can be tracked here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Merge Records.



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