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Matt Kivel Drops New Single


The single that repels us all is the one no one hears. However the new single coming from Matt Kivel is better than what you normally hear. With a new album coming out bend reality-like a wave on October 14, his new single “Blackbirds” has a real wonderful sound. The pitch in his voice alone gives you plenty to pawn over while you enjoy the music.

The way the song opens takes you back to a folk centered sound that you want to dwell on. The outer realms dig in and keep your mind on other things. His vocals can almost take you someplace else. As the music plays you can feel the pain in his voice as he sings about things he has no answer for. His style is uncommon yet relatable for every note. He’s covering his tracks and then some on this song.

The song  can be heard above or on bandcamp. The new album is available for preorder here on vinyl before its release on October 14.

Image Credits: Matt Kivel Photo by Rebecca Baughman.



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