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Palm Drops new single “Parable Lickers”


When it comes to indie rock you can really enjoy, few out up as great of indie sounds as Palm. The band signed to Saddle Creek has a new album coming out and their new single “Parable Lickers” is out with it’s own sound. Their new album Nicks and Grazes should be a release you can sink your teeth into and fall for it’s robust sound.

Opening with lyrics and an off kilter beat structure, the song is different from the get go. But that ahould be exoected with this group as all of their music falls on it’s own spectrum. The vocals are as offbeat as the song is falling into their own rhyme scheme. The band is very comfortable in this space and forges their own path within it. Taking a new path is their thing and they definitely do that here.

The song cab be heard above or on their new album. The album Nicks and Grazes is available for preorder from Saddle Creek before it drops on October 14. Palm is on tour starting October 28 in Hamden, CT at Space Ballroom until Sister in Aluequerque, NM on December 17. Their tour can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Eve Alpert.



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