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Momma Covers The Breeders for Sirius Radio


It’s safe to say that bands like Momma have really cornered themselves into great positions in rock music. Unheard of one moment and on top of all rock chart positions the next, the band has worked their way into plenty of spaces ahead of their time. Like the other night when they stopped by Sirius to play the songs from their latest Household Name. While they were there to play those songs, a bonus cover song was thrown in and it was magical. “Divine Hammer” a cover by The Breeders was played and we all took a second look at who was playing it.

The song traditionally starts like the originally. The dual vocals give that evoke of emotions that the Breeders brought to their works. The beauty in how the song was originally constructed is here and in your face 100%. The faint vocals with those powerful chords makes  the song stand out no matter who’s playing it. Here they just put 100% forward and that’s what they get back.

The song can be heard above or it can be heard n sirius radio. Momma’s new album Household Name can be ordered from Polyvinyl Records. Momma is on tour starting August 26th at Saturn in Birmingham, AL until October 04 at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY. Their tour can be traced here.

Image Credits: Photo by Sophie Hur.



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