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The Wheel Workers Refuse Dismissal On New Album


In music you can hear an album and get a different feel every time you listen to it. The best albums evoke different emotions from any person who listens to it. It’s been a while or at least by their schedules, but The Wheel Workers have a new album out and it’s fantastic. Grown up in many ways, Harbor is definitely remnant of our current future while keeping things centered on songwriting. The end result is something to be proud of, even if you didn’t write it. its definitely a step up no matter who you are and it shows.

The album opens with “S.O.S.” that has a very outer worldly look at our world and how we treat it nowadays. The message is clear that we need to stop treating the earth like it’s ours when it belongs to everyone. However this is done without being preachy in any way. The song is followed bu “Harbor” that opens with an echoed piano before the chorus comes in triumphantly.The Moog makes sure there’s an echoed matching sequence against the phantom lack of one. The band sings together and in pieces here and it sounds epic. The band is keeping things subtle here at their best witch is better than most bands. The following song though, ‘Suck it Up” is the band bringing the dirt, A scroungey fueled up hit that doesn’t follow themes of today and just goes with it. It’s a fueled party that the band is happy to bring to the album, unbothered by what’s happening in music today.

The next couple of songs should keep you in with the album. the state of their open ended sound on “Day After Day” and on “Quarter Page” give you reassurance that things are okay.  While “Morning Song” will freshen your spirits and “Cold” could almost give you the opposite effect; the band’s use of new instrumentation and effects is amazing. The band turns inward a bit on “Open Up” were the vocals hit you with a new approach that gives me chills, they hit the norm on “Believers” in such a way. Their straight forward approach gives the kind of rock you want from the band. They dig in and really hit all the right notes falling between current and past start of the genre. The final song “Love You So” feels a bit past is present. That’s a good thing here as the song gives us so much and asks for nothing. The guitar is set perfect and the use of vocals here is done as it should have been. The album is an overall winner in terms of songwriting and production. Finally Stephen Higginbotham is getting his due as a songwriter and you hear it, The overall effect captures your ears and if you get it, your ears don’t let go.

Harbor is available to stream wherever you stream music. Limited edition physical copies are available from the band or can be found here. Currently there are no tour dates for The Wheel Workers but that should change.

Image Credits: Photo by Daniel Jackson.



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