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Sparta Releases New Video for ‘Mind Over Matter”


Plenty of times we want to see imagery with the song. Even on the new song from Sparta we like being to see the images from their new video. For their new smash song “Mind Over Matter,” the band shot a new video to accompany it into the future. Coming off different from how we saw it, the video definitely portrays the song with more soul. And more faith too.

While the sound is the same the video is quite different. Featuring a couple robbing a convenience store the way the two love each other is extraordinary. The inabillity to see the obvious is extraordinary. The couple just lives in the moment. They threaten the clerk and take swings at him with a baseball bat.

The band’s new video can be viewed above. It’s also available to stream wherever you stream music. Sparta is on tour starting next Friday the 16th at Riot Fest in Chicago, IL until October 15 in San Diego, CA at the Soda Bar. Their tour can be tracked here.

Image Credits: Photo by Jesse Deflorio.



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