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Sun Ra Arkestra Drops New Jam


The world is full of certain bands that we cover, who have a record coming out. Some of them we cover and many we do not. One of the most interesting bands is the Sun Ra Arkestra. The eclectic and favored band bring their worldly passions to the stage and wow us with their energy. While they have a new album out October 7, Living Sky could be something we’ve never experienced. Their new single is a good example of this with a sound we’ve not heard before in it, and “Chopin” is very much it’s own thing.

While the lonely piano gets things started you realize you’re being steered into a new world. The way the instruments play with each other feels otherworldly and from another stratosphere. The interplay is exraordinary and from somewhere  else.  The ease they fin to take you into another world is mind blowing, like that of another group playing the instruments.  The delicacy and fevered sound of what they do is so far ahead of anyone else playing music today.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. February 17 at New York, NY at Carnegie Hall at the Afrofuturism Festival until September 25 in Accord, NY at Woodsist Festival.Their new album is available here.

Image Credits: Photo by Vladimir Radojicic.



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