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Otoboke Beaver Share “Chu Chu Song”


In music there are bands who release music quickly and without any fear. A band that drops more music than most is Otoboke Beaver. Like many Kyoto based bands their sound is very quick and unapologetic. They also almost always have something to release. Now their new song which is also an oldie but a goodie for the band, “Chu Chu Song” is out and ready for release, It’s quick and harsh and ready to stream below.

The song is very well paced and very well played. The wave of sound that comes out definitely clears a path for them. The song is definitely different from all other punk bands. It’s very well crafted while steering the focus from the vocals to the notes they’ re playing. The track is short but it also keeps everyone honest about who they are and who their representing within the song.

The song can be streamed above or wherever you buy music. It can be purchsed from  all online stores including on bandcamp. Otoboke Beaver are on tour from September 15 at Sakai Fandango in Kyoto, Japan until May 20, 2023 in Den Haag, Netherlands at Paard 50. Their tour can be traced here

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.



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