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Algiers Delivers New Song Featuring Billy Woods & Backxwash


Sometimes bands can come back and bring us new things they’re working on. Sometimes they can return and bring their old sound new life. However for Algiers they’re returning with new everything. After a successful tour the band is back with a new single which was recorded last year, Featuring vocals from billy woods & Backxwash the song is hip with fiery vocals and plenty of soul to move yours. Feel free to get down below to their latest single “Bite Back.”

The song opens with their lead singer reciting lyrics like a rap and heeling off the energy the words give him. The words are meaningful yet they hit your ears like small explosions. He recites the words as crashes of hypnotics and deep bass fill your ear flow. Your hearing is filled with horn blasts and bets that seem to come from nowhere. The lyrics hit hard even after the flow from one rapper to another. The flow is it’s own thing elevated by its being.The flow of backing vocals is smooth while their lead singer belts out a stunning bit.  As another rapper drops an epic of words the song finds it’s place on your insides. This is where Algiers needs to be with vocals coming from who knows where & waiting for what’s next.

The video can be seen above or the song can be heard wherever you stream music.You can purchase the song digitally from online or Matador Records. Algiers is on tour starting Mahall’s in Lakewood, OH September 14 until September 17 at Roz Tox in Rock Island, IL. Tour dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Ebru Yildiz.



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