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sunking Drops Two New Songs on Anti


The two piece behind the band sunking is ready to blow some minds.The band has just dropped two new songs for your consumption. Bringing more jazz to the table than a band triple their size, they just evolve the genre and their sound with every release. The two songs “MY Mind Is An Oven,” and ‘Uncle Kane” spell out a new way of thinking while keeping them on the map and their music in your head. Listen below to learn more.

For the track “My Mind Is An Oven” they bring a new twist to what they play. Wordless and just caring about the music, the song conveys much more than you would think. The way the drums and the bass meld together and lay the ground work for the bass is brilliant. The way they mold it all together just takes your breath away. The runaway parts have their own life before the life gets sucked out and they’re gone.

On “Uncle Kane” the same could be said but it’s different as well. Much shorter in run time the attack on the horn is amazing as it takes you someplace else. The subtle decency is enough to tell the difference if the two songs being different weren’t more obvious. The song opens strong and drops an insane sound, and then it’s over.

Both songs can be heard above or on all streaming services. Their ambient jazz being is covered by those at ANTI Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Will Matsuda.



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