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Bill Callahan Offers Great Song About Coyotes


With a new album coming called YTILAER the new praise of Bill Callahan goes on and on. The singer songwriter really makes a mark with this album and finds himself on the innards of something else. His vocals are tight, his guitar work is masterful and his harmonies are perfect.His new song “Coyotes” is elemental and worthy of a spin.

The acoustic chimes out in a gaze of brilliance. The strum is accompanied by a piano and Callahan’s gentle voice. There are moments where he feels like he’s takes us on another journey while staying a foot where he is. The asses of his life and all that surrounds him he offers up more pieces to his mystique. The words are just part of the song’s charm. There’s also the element of music that offers another sense of itself. This is Bill Callahan at his best by letting us a foot in or at least a glimpse into his life.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. YTILAER is available for preorder from Drag City Records. Bill Callahan is on tour starting September 24 at Accord, NY until November 26 in Los Angeles CA.

Image Credits: Photo by Hanly Banks Callahan.



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