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New Single by Breanna Barbara Kills


There are few times you can say I saw genius and be serious. However the new album by Breanna Barbara is literally that and then some. Listening to the album, the psychedelic notes and sways give you plenty to deal with. Couple that with her stunning vocals and sheer talent for writing and you have a hit on your hands. the album is titled ‘Nothin But Time’ and her new single is titled ‘Landslide” and you’ll get one, trust us.

The song is wild in the bass that gets tweaked and the beat that plays. The phases of senses the song gives you is masterful. The wave of pinpoints and the factor of chill memes that plays is wonderful. The way the song keeps you in your zones but takes away your innocence is freakish as well. These factors as well as the wondermint is fascinating as well making the song an instant classic.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. The album is available through Fuzz Club Records for preorder ahead of its release.

Image Credits: Photo by Juan Zaballa.



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