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Matt Kivel Shares New Song Featuring Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy


When you have damn near 40 some odd thousand listeners, you must do something right. But that’s the type of listeners that Matt Kivel coming to his Spotify stage. His songs come off as streams of light looking for their next spark. He has a new album coming out on October 14, bend reality-like a wave could be a rage of a single. And his finale early release “amanagansett” is a doozy featuring Bonnie Prince Billy. Hear it here.

The song has a tender guitar to start things off. With both on vocals it makes for an interesting mix.Their vocals work well together and bring in a thus drum sound with orchestral songs. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy handles the soft and Matt handles the rest eloquently. Their voices together eloquently  as the sounds mix into a mix of beautiful as these. It’s a strained sound that works great.

The song works perfectly and works here. The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Matt Kivel’s new album is available here starting on September 20.

Image Credits: Photo by Rebcca Baughman.



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