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Miss Grit Returns with New Song on MUTE


When you put your finger on the music of Miss Grit you’re stricken by her grace when she sings. The immediate sound and power she pulls from just singing is wonderful. Now part of the Mute Records Family, she has plenty of large shoes to fit into. Along with that news she has a new song “Like You” found here that wows you down with her sound, Stream it here before preordering a single from Mute Records.

The song has a misnomer or electrode that wrap the song. The way she sings feels very of the moment. It makes you feel like a part of it all. Her vocals have a very kept was of staying in your head. The way she goes bout it all works best for your head and keeps the lyrics with you. The fade ins and outs keep the song interesting while her sound in way for all witnessing it. She has a way with it.

You can see the song above or here it where you stream it. She will be on tour starting October 26 at Supersonic Records in Paris, France until November 1 at Amazing Grace in London, UK.

Image Credits: Photo by Hoseon Sohn.



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