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Samiam Releases New Single


It’s been ten years since we heard anything from Samiam. They haven’t done anything in a decade, However just live like that they’re back with a new song. The new song, “Lights Out Little Hustler” sounds like a winner from start to finish and reminds of who takes the cake in their book,

The song opens with rhythmically themed beginning. The bad is on point while the band plays underneath. The way the band plays is life they haven’t taken time off as all. The music is still full of energy and plenty of remorse. The song sounds like it could have been planted away and honestly, maybe it was. It’s epic nonetheless.

The song can be stirred up below or wherever you stream music. Samiam is tour starting September 23 in Atlantic City, NJ at Bourne until October 29-30 at The Fest 2022 in Gainesville, FL. Their tour can be found here

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.



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