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The Natural Lines Drop Second Song


For the kind of music they make, The Natural Lines have a lot to prove. Their ability of those playing but it’s a fair price to pay. On their new single “It’s a Trap” it follows the measures of normal music and styles. At times it feels like Matt Pond playing with a band and at others it feels just natural. But throughout it all it just sounds natural.

The opening drums are just dreamy how they come out. Of course the lead vocals are too in this mix. The voice just hits right and gives you everything you want. The organic feel of everything happening is just enough to keep you happy and your insides filled with joy. The resonance is like the musicians hope that all will be okay even when they know it will be,

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Their new album comes out on Bandcamp on October 14.

Image Credits: Images by The Natural Lines.



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