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Palm Drops New Single Off Latest Album


By most people counting Nicks and Grazes will be out October 14 by Saddle Creek. But that doesn’t mean that Palm has set to release a great record. In fact it just means that it’s that much closer. The band’s new single “On The Sly” is a different  song that breaks the mold of what they usually put out. Taken from their new album out October 14, it definitely breaks the mold and then some.

The song is definitely odd and offbeat with their usual fare. The song goes one way and then another. The amount of singers on the song is tough to tell, but that’s the point. The song is all over the place but still in it’s own vein. The way it unfolds definitely leads it’s own path. A bit all over the place and misguided, it also fits in it’s own path. It follows it’s own space to lead us to who knows where.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Their new album Nicks and Grazes out October 14 from Saddle Creek Records

Image Credits: Photo by Daniel Patrick Brennan.



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