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The War On Drugs to Release Deluxe Edition of Album


Some bands haven’t reached the level where they can drop a record with extra songs on it. However The War On Drugs is that band. Their new album I Don;t Live Here Anymore is great but it’s even better with bonus songs on it. That’s what’s coming on  September 30. Two new songs plus a box set packaging 16 page booklet, 6 postcards and more. The band is even premiering one of those songs below. Stream it here and check it out.

The delicate balance is gone for a more driving rock sound. The way the band surrounds the vocals let’s everything come in full steam. The way the lead singer sings lightens your mood and relaxes you. The song is driving but it never feels like it’s under pressure. There’s just a perfect balance for the song to exist and live on it’s own.

The song can be streamed here. The deluxe album can be preordered from Atlantic Records. The War On Drugs is on tour starting September 27 at The Mill & Mine in Knoxville, TN until October 22 in Mill Valley, CA at Sound Summit. Their tour can be tracked here.

Image Credits: Photo by Jimmy Fontaine.



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