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Bjork Drops Another New Song


In music it’s hard to believe anyone can make a career from it. Some artists though make the world their place of reference, For Bjork it’s so much more.For over twenty years she’s made music bold enough to stop us in our tracks. Now she’s back to keep it up. With her new album fossorora coming on September 29 her new single “Fossora” offers a grand world to get lost in.

Her voice is tied up in the instruments. The intricate delicacies in this create new sounds you aren’t expecting. Her voice is futile with new expressions. The music feels grander than usual, a trait that Bjork has mastered. The signs of her aging aren’t showing but she is growing for sure. The rails she’s on are outwardly fueled, The power here is extraordinary and wide in their presentation. The song is as wide as it sounds new and exciting.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Her new album is available to preorder from her before it drops on September 29. 

Image Credits: Photo by Vidar Logo.



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