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Frankie Cosmos Leaks New Video


The playful and interactive world that we live in lets us sometimes have fun with each other. In music the same feeling occurs and then some. For an artists like Frankie Cosmos that feeling can really get crazy. For her latest single “F.O.O.F.” she took things to the next level. Along with artist Cole Montminy, Cosmos came up with and inventive new video you can stream before preordering her new album Inner World Peace.

The video is all threaded together with Cosmos delicate voice on the outer sleeves.  The way she sings along gives you a calm place to start while the band steers into it with her. The come up sound and the buddy touch and go demeanor give the song plenty of bump and no wain away from the prize.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music, The new Frankie Cosmos album is available for preorder from Sub Pop ahead of it’s October 21 release. Frankie Cosmos is playing live at the Knockdown Center’s The Ruins on October 07 In Queens, NY.

Image Credits: Photo by Pooneh Ghana.



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