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Palm Ghosts Drop New Single


Of all the newer bands out there, we’ve been fairly impressed with that of Palm Ghosts. The band has a sound that’s hard to put a pin on but has a power of it’s fans. The way they convey their lyrics, the songs are definitely a force of sorts. On their new single “Signal” they really take you for a spin.With their new album Post Preservation out October 28, this time you’ll feel where they’re at all along the way.

The song has a grip on you when it plays.  It gives off this signal that pulls you in and doesn’t let go. The way the words represent something in your life is magical. There’s an essence to the music that speaks volumes to whoever listens in. The small volumes of listeners, there’s a sense of self there that can’t be shook. The honesty in the song offers a new way to feel in this moment. The backing vocals make a nice addition as well.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. Their new album Post preservation is out on October 28 and can be presaved here.

Image Credits: Photo by Sam Wiseman.



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