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Tegan And Sara Share New Song


Ever since the news that Tegan & Sara had left the major label world for MOM+POP Records, their essence has just gotten bigger. Known for their wordplay and skills behind instruments the two members have really shared a lot of their new album, Their new album Crybaby should be a force when it drops October 21, and their new song “I Can’t Grow Up” is easily a winner you have to hear.

The song has a fair amount of happiness in it. The way they do the vocals is amazing. By yelling them and beating them is awesome. The way the girls express themselves with backing vocals and group vocals makes the song stand out. The alternate take of their vocals makes the song stand out while the out there video makes the song stand out as well.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. The new album Crybaby is available for preorder from Tegan and Sara October 21. Tegan and Sara will be on tour starting September 29 in Calgary, Canada on September, 28 at Eua Clair 5 until December 3 and 4 at Zona Music Festival in Phoenix, AZ. Their tour can be stalked here.

Image Credits: Photo by Eluvier Acosta.



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