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Paramore adds New Song, Album


It;s been six years but it seems like Paramore is back on track. A new album announced titled This Is Why and a new single “This Is Why” as well. However the title isn’t the only stitch holding them together. Their music is stronger and there seems to be more there for them to hold onto. The new song is out now and available to hear here.

The song is very freeing and flows like a jam at a party. The vocals are slow and creep up on you with an essence until they blow up and sing at you. The way things come at you the band feels like they’re starting all over. The way the music starts and stops is remarkable. Showig the members at different phases is a nice touch. The way things come at you match the music wonderfully too.

The song can be heard wherever you stream music or on streaming sites. This Is Why drops on February 10 and is available here. Paramore is on the road starting October 02 at Mechanics Bank Arena in Bakersfield, CA until November 19 in Mexico, MX at Corona Captitol Festival. Their tour can be followed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Zachary Gray.



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