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Weyes Blood Unleashes Beautiful New Song


In many cases artists bring forth what they can with a song. Some artists go above and beyond and some do the bare minimum. With Weyes Blood it’s tough to tell due to her sense of humor. What can be told is how much she’s studied the song. Her new single “It’s Not Me, It’s Everybody” she offers herself up to no reprisal. Off of her upcoming album And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow she let’s us know this pretty quick.

She gets the song started at the top of some stairs dancing like she needs the movement. Her style is very thirties with a showman type of quality. As she sways through rooms of people on the floor she dances like a queen. Once she’s on the stage her inner ham comes out and she lets the room feel her. Her vocals are outstanding here. She has a character of a Broadway actress. The song minus what’s happening in the video is stunning. She plays her part as well as she sings. She’s made for the video and it’s made for her.

The song can be heard above or streamed wherever you stream music. The new album from Weyes Blood is out on November 22. Weyes Blood is on tour starting December 08 at Ace Hotel at their Theatre until Tulsa, OK at Cain’s Ballroom on April 02. 2023. Her tour can be followed here.

Image Credits: Wyes Blood Charlotte Ercoli.



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