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Flaming Lips Return with 20th Anniversary Box Set


It’s hard to believe but Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots is 20 years old. Even after all that time the album still rocks and it helped place The Flaming Lips on a larger scale. Believe it or not the album is back in a big way. The 20th anniversary of the album contains all sorts of treats and treasures for fans of the band. Live recordings, 50 demos never before released on CD and much more.

Including hits the amount of stuff that comes on this edition is epic. 5 Lp’s, demos, non-record based songs, demos and so much more is here. Radio sessions twice as well as a box set and limited merchandise.

The entire box set can be preordered from Warner Records. The Flaming Lips are on tour starting September 30 in San Antonio, TX at Aztec Theatre until May 25 2023 at The Anthem in Washington, DC. Their tour can be traced here.

Image Credits: Photo by Blake Studdard Altria Creative.



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