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S.C.A.B. Delivers on New Single


This new song out by S.C.A.B. has a different sound. It’s so different that it steers into your head. The newest single tiled “Why Do I Dream of You?” has a very discerning sound and introduces many to their sound.  The murky vocals, the alt guitar and the over exhausted guitar places the song on their map. Though the 12″ vinyl won’t ship until 2023, The supplies are limited so preordering a copy is definitely suggested.

The song has a murky appeal that hangs on their every word. The guitars are hitting hard with the drums to create an impression that doesn’t leave. The way the band holds on to lyrics long enough to make them supreme is magical.  The words are magical and worthy of your ears.  The way the band approaches them and the song is completely defining and worthy of your attention.

The song can be heard above or wherever to stream music. S.C.A.B, is available for preorder directly from Grind Select before it drops on November 11. 

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.



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