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True Body Drops New Song


There’s certainly no problem between bands around the world. Sure there’s little spats but for the most part bands are cool with one another. Even when you get to tougher sounding bands they get along. Most bands would say that the members of True Body are their friends. In a quick time the band has dropped new releases that really stick, however their new song “Signal’ really takes the cake.

The echoes that open the song up preach their post punk sound forward. The way the band embodies the future it’s hard to see them playing any other way. The post punk vibe works wee with their aesthetic. The way the drums are so forward that they almost seem to drive the song. At no point does the song feel weak or pushed. The overall impression is pure exposition with a band who knows who they are.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. They’re set to release more new music very soon.

Image Credits: Image Courtesy of Artist.



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