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GIFT Drops New Song “Share The Present”


When it comes to bands offering their services to all, it can be a small list. When it comes to bands offering themselves to some, the list becomes more manageable. For bands like GIFT, it can be a daunting task.The band navigates the task quite well considering all that’s involved in their presence. With a new album coming on 10/14 titled Momentary Presence, their new single “Share The Present” is a true gift from start to finish.

The dual guitars that make up the opening are ever present. The band keeps it together and comes in strong with tough lyrics to change the mood. Their way of being is so strong and melodic that they can’t be taken is anything other than serious. The way the song bounces off their voices and leads into a more serious banter is magical. While the whole affair is like a party you wanna’ be at,

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. It can also be heard on their new record Momentary Presence is available from Dedstrange before it drops 10.22 or from Bandcamp. The band will perform live at The Sultan Room October 15 in Brooklyn, NY.

Image Credits: Photo by Jena Cumbo.



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