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LAPECHE Share Vibrant New Single


In reality there aren’t too many bands from the place that look approachable. Most have that “I don’t talk” look on their faces. But LAPECHE  is a different band. Not only do they come off as approachable but they come off as friendly and easy going. While their last single took away our breaths, their new single “Slight” has the sound that melts your heart and your soul. Listen below before getting your own copy and rocking out with them.

The full band sound here is intoxicating and intriguing. Mix that with the inviting lyrics and you have a hit song. There are moments where the band seems like they’re taking a moment and those are where the magic lies. Their grasp of so much leads you to get where they’re coming from. Like they speak for other bands. The way it’s calculated is brilliant leaving us to ask when do we hear more.

The new song can be streamed above or wherever you stream music. 

Image Credits: Photo by Richard Salino.



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