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The Tubs Deliver New Song Off New Album


We heard that many of you were looking for a new band to signal onto. While there’s a lot you could shine towards, The Tubs are one we’d definitely recommend, The way the keep it weird, the way they mix vocals male and female and the odd balance holds all this energy is amazing. With a new album out in January called Dead Meat the band has made their first single “Snivaller” ready to stream. Listen to it below and get down.

The song has this wonderful opening of just guitars. The notes sound like they’re being pinched even though there’s actually bass and drums present. The weight of how hard they come in when vocals are present is amazing. There’s something about the band that stays with you. The way they attack everything is stellar. The band is swinging between genres and they’re just starting. The mix of the male and female vocals feels heartfelt as well.

The album can be preordered from Bandcamp before it drops on January 12. The song can be streamed on Bandcamp before then.

Image Credits: Photo by Maria Cecilia Tedemalm.



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