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S.C.A.B. Shares New Single


As we get closer to the band S.C.A.B. having their new album drop on November 11, we should be open to new sounds. The trio definitely caught all of our ears with their open ended punk sound. Of course adulthood also rears it’s head and the band has that going for them too it seems. Their new single “Small Talk” definitely places them there. Stream it here and hear for yourself.

The slower pace of the song is a good let on that you’re getting something different. The band is definitely known for a more fast paced sound. The way they sing this song though it’s not a slow burner as much as it’s a slower song. The way they attack the pace of the song means that they offer up more rhythmic sections and higher pitched vocals. The song’s subtleties also offer more side notes within as well. There’s a section that’s also more resigned for this speed of song as well. It’s a good little ditty that works on all levels.

The song can be streamed above or wherever you stream music. Their new self titled vinyl can be preordered here before it’s November 11 release. Their release show is at Baby’s in Brooklyn, NY on November 11.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.



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