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Christian Lee Hutson Reveals Silent Night


When it comes to holiday rambles, some artists do it better than others. There might be several artists you’ve never heard of on here, but they’re usually the best on point. Whether or not you’ve ever heard of Christian Lee Hutson or not, his unique style sets him apart from the norm. On his new single a cover of “Silent Night” he reminds us why we love him so and then some. Stre, the song below before ordering your own copy from Anti Records.

His rendition of the song is fairly epic. He lets his big vocals do the work underneath a basic guitar rendition of the song. His breath in the song is kinda creepy due to it’s intimacy. There’s a personal anguish there that needs to be unwrapped. The song itself is genuine and intimate.He really kills it on the scents and sounds of the original here too.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music. There are no live dates for Christian Lee Hutson right now but his body of work can be picked up from Anti Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Michael Delaney.



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