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Weyes Blood Delivers “God Turn Me Into A Flower” Before Album’s Release


Sometimes an artist reveals a lot about themselves when they drop a new album. Sometimes they keep things private by Weyes Blood made it personal which is why her album rocks. Her new single “God Turn Me Into a Flower” off of her new album And In The Darkness, Hearts AGlow stands out yet doesn’t stand out at all. Her vocals, her intimate cries and her honesty make it a must hear song. Stream it below.

The cathedral organ that lies underneath her vocals offers a serious sound. The vocal moments that come out give her a serious tone. The slowness in the song is very direct. Her vocals are a convincing director. The slow trappings and her voice belting out gold helps. Though the dual vocals give it plenty of weight. The opening and closing of the song have a weight that’s hard to measure but gain your focus. There’s a lot happening but the music keeps up with it. That makes it feel more serious while still evoking plenty of emotional weight.

The song can be heard above or on her new album. The record can be picked up from Sub Pop Records on Friday December 10. Weyes Blood is on tour starting December 06 in Los Angeles at Music Box and ends April 02 at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa OK. The other dates can be tracked down or found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Neil Krug.



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