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Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke Appear Together For First Time in 35 Years


Reunions can sometimes be strange things. Especially if it’s in music and even more so if you haven’t been seen together for 35 years. However Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke played together on a new Blitz Vega song. The decision to add Marr was coincidental and came as a surprise to Rourke. However the pair had a great time and surprised each other when recording, On the song “Strong Forever” its obvious there’s someone new on guitar and it makes sense that it’s Marr. Listen below and hear for yourself.

The backing vocals are strong here as are the robotic voices. The guitar is clear and unearthed a certain sound from Marr. I contend you can hear him on guitar but who knows. The vocals roll while a noodling on the axe rips through the song. The jangled sounds that roll through the song tend to give the song depth to the end. The song stands on it’s own after Marr’s involvement that’s for sure.

The song is available to hear above or wherever you stream music.

Image Credits: Photo by Riaz Gomez.



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