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Paper Idol Shares New Track “The Playground”


Trippy music is just that and deserves to be heard by as many as possible. When it’s catchy that’s something else entirely. For Paper Idol the guy has an inherent possibility that everything he touches is fire. That’s the case on his new single “The Playground.” Backing vocals, whistles and a strong beat? What more can you ask for? Listen below and order his new album.

For starters he gets going from the jump. This flashy opening greets you before he drops the beat and sings to you. His vocals now a part of your ears cause’ it’s all you can hear. His presence it daft and needed in proceeding the solo vox along with backing vocals. The beat though is something else. Enough to flutter your arms. The whole package is here. The centralized theme doesn’t leave while he gets down to his own grooves.

The song is available to stream above or wherever you stream music. You can order his new album from wherever you do so online.

Image Credits: Photo by Sydney Lolli.



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