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Failure Offers Streaming Concert to Fans


Livestreams of shows can be really great depending on who’s performing. Sometimes it’s a band you’ve wanted to see for a while and sometimes it’s a band that’s never come to where you live. For Failure it could be both. Coming in December you could catch them live no matter where you live thanks to a livestream. Coming December 15-18 the Failure livestream will take place and anyone can see the band live and in person.

The band playing should inspire you with their 18 song set. They’ll also play music from each album selected by the band. The metal and punk derivatives should inspire anyone who hears them, The band is full of energy and plays an impressive set live. Catching them like this you have no excuse not to catch one of the best live bands out there.

The show streams from December 15-18 and is available to watch whenever during that time frame. They’ll also have a link for special merchandise for the show. They also play on May 13 at Sick New Word in Las Vegas, NV. Tickets for both are available here.

Image Credits: Photo by Priscilla Scott.



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