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Matthew & the Mainstream Release Song Gonna Wait


There’s a few artists in this world who can get away with whatever they release. Some artists put a lot of time and work into what they do and receive it back ten fold. It feels like Matthew & The Mainstream live that life. The producer drops plenty of cathy songs and in return gets praised online. His new song “Gonna Wait” is another banger that shines in his genre while others sit on the sidelines. Stream it below and catch a vibe.

The three minute song starts off poppy and kills it when it comes to the change over. He changes things and even goes comical at a point. His vocals work here and he stays in when he trips things up. His vocal power is straightforwardness. The elements are here for a pop jam and that’s what you get. The piano, the violin and all the notes are done masterfully. He’s straightforward and it works at every turn.

The song can be heard above or wherever you stream music.

Image Credits: Photo by Jason Tippett.



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