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Quasi Returns With New Single off New Album


In all honesty it’s been a good while since some bands have done anything worth merit. Even bands that we favored seem to have take time off lately. However Quasi really have it all figured out. The duo made up of Janet Weiss and Sam Coomes returns and offers up more wonderful sounds. While their sound has always been puzzling to some, to others it just makes sense. With a new album dropping on February 10 through Sub Pop Records, their new song “Doomscrollers” is an immediate hit. Stream it here to hear for yourself.

The drums and guitar that start things off make you think you’re heading down and immeasurable spot. However the song turns out catchy and hip. There’s a theme here where the band is easy going and full of life. The hook is this guitar loop that kills. The band repeats it again and again to precision. The black coffee and blueberry pie is stuck in our heads here. The backing vocals from Janet are epic while the lyrics by Sam Coomes is epic. The eyesight is caught up by images that are usually one sided. However here they fall in line just like they should.

The video can be seen above or the song can be streamed wherever you stream music.Breaking The Balls of History is available from Sub Pop on February 10. You can order it from them here. The band is on tour starting December 07 in London, UK at The Victoria until March 28 in Pittsburgh, PA at Club Cafe. Their dates can be seen here.

Image Credits: Photo by John Clark.



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