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Tank Crimes Reissues Double Album by the ovens


Reissue of works from the past can get lost in the scene or get lost in general. Ovens was an incredible punk band that never gets credit on their awesomeness. They were stalwarts of whatever scene they were tied to, and their music lives on as a reminder of what could have been. Below are two songs you can hear now by clicking on the links. You’ll find some serious punk rock that should get you thinking how wonderful they really were.



The first song “Good Idea” has a happy go lucky sound to it mixed with a far and away good time. The song is only a minute long so the ending instrumental just ties on that they could really play.

On the second song “Bad Day” the song isn’t even a minute long. However it abounds with sounds and mentions of better times. The way the two guitars melt into one another while the vocals are what’s up sounding. The drums are done well as well and it sounds like they’re the only two until you hear the bass overhead.

Both songs can be heard on Bandcamp. Their new 44 track album can be preordered here from Tank Crimes Records or given as a holiday gift.

Image Credits: Photo by Artist.



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