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The Rocket Summer Returns with New Song


The Rocket Summer is a band known for their trends in pop music without becoming a pop band. While much of that still exists, the band is now messing with R&B influence as well. Their new track “M4U” is a great example of that. Chill and open yet catchy enough that you listen to it anywhere. The proof is definitely in the pudding.

The almost funk elements make a way fro the whispered lyrics. The way the instruments cross one another makes for interesting movements by the band. There’s a sound here that’s really introspective to hear, There are so many elements here that you can’t ficus on just one. The start and stops keeps things interesting while the lyrics keep it in your head.

The song is available to stream above. The single can be picked up wherever you download music. There are no dates yet for The Rocket Summer.

Image Credits: Photo by The Rocket Summer.



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