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Molly Burch Shares two new Holiday Songs


Over the years a certain group of artists have lived in their own world. These acts all age between 18-50 and have one thing in common, they still perform. Molly Burch is one of these acts who can outsing pretty much any act coming up in the business. Keeping up with her usual fare she’s released a Xmas EP of “Cozy Christmas” and  “December Baby.” Stream both below and get your chill started for the holidays.

The opening song is all Burch in it’s sound and how it feels. There’s a disco vibe to the song which is a good thing. It signals her ease with this music by going in with this sound. Her attitude loves this vibe, and she has enough spunk in her voice to make the vibe work. The easy going nature mixed with the strong instrumentation and gives you the right feel with the songs overall power. On “December Baby” she slows things down in terms of musically and vocally as well. The subtle click off and on is a subtle difference between Burch and other acts. Adding backing vocals and drums that pop are a nice mixture. The subtle catches on her song bring fourth a tender and easy going song. It’s a nice array of sound somewhere else.

Both songs can be heard above or wherever you stream music. The two songs can also be picked up from Captured Tracks,

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.



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