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Osees Announce Euro Tour Dates & Drops New Video


Few bands can drop an album and their fans give good reason to praise every song. The instances of love alone too give a wider appreciation for music. But Osees have released that album A Foul Form and it feels like a hit on many different forms. Not only is it the most straight forward the band has been with fans, it’s upfront and to itself. Their song “SCUM SHOW” is a great example of this. The whole time the band is upfront and honest with the crowd and it easily translates. Stream the video below.

The song is straight ahead and holds no bars. Screamy and yelly, the guitars come in and meet the drums with their intensity.The crazed sound and no one cares attitude is right there. Two drummers feels like a room full of drummers and bleeds through to something else. Their crazed being flips and turns and leaves nothing in its wake.

The song can be streamed here or above. You can also stream the album wherever you stream music or purchase it in all storefronts. The band is live beginning December 09 at UC Theater Berkeley until August 25 at Malaga, ES at Canela Party. Their dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Tituon Masse'.



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