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METZ Side Project Weird Nightmare Drops New Cover Song


Collabs and genre mixing are a thing nowadays. Sometimes they’re just a simple cover song. However in this world you can get strained aside unlike the music of Weird Nightmare. The side project from METZ lead singer Alex Edmunds is definitely on it’s own and their new single “Our Love Will Still Be There” a cover song originally by The Troggs. Stream it below and take in all of the sounds.

The drums that open things gets met by all types of instruments. It definitely sounds like The Troggs times 1000. The lyrics are laid out plainly but they sound epic. The guitar part have their own signature showing another side to them. The reverberated vocals stand on their own as well. The way he gets in there lyrically is magical while there’s no apologies for how great it all sounds. The sounds coming out vocally draw you closer in for their powerful sound. It’s upfront and honest just the way we like it.

The song can be heard online from Weird Nightmare. The band is on tour starting November 30  at Underground Arts in Philadelphia, PA with Archers Of Loaf until  January 15 at The Basement East. Total tour tickets are available here.

Image Credits: Photo by Edwina Hay.



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