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Corvair Deliver New Xmas Song

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Like all times of year, the holidays are filled with bands who do different things with their time. Some bands donate concert earnings, some just write a check and some write a song, On the latter side of that the band Corvair has dropped a new song. Though you may not know Corvair the Man & Woman based band is stellar and hits all the right notes. Stream their new single “I Believe In Christmas” below.

The song begins with jingle bells and a hefty drum set before the vocals come in and start the fire. Heather Larimer’s vocals pop here and she singles herself out with them. While Brian Naubert comes in Heather backs him on vocals creating a power duo of words. Together they’re strong as he backs her next verse. The way they work together just works as we get new holiday cheers. The song has a positive edge in a world that could use it. We also get a beautiful song to enjoy.

The song is available to stream here or wherever you stream and download music. Their new album drops next year so stay awake and grab a copy.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.


1 Comment

  • December 3, 2022 at 12:50 pm


    feliz navidad!


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