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Chubby & the Gang Drop New Song


There are plenty and up and comers as far as bands go, though with newer bands we’re right on top of many of them. We find Chubby and the Gang in our mix of bands that we know but don’t write about. Featuring members of various punk bands, these guys have plenty of tales to tell.On their new single “Red Rag To a Bull” they bring all of their energy and more. Stream it here.

The seventies punk streams that the song sounds like are almost as impressive as the vocals here. Shouted and hard to hear, the band’s lyricist knows enough about today to sing about whatever. His words are piercing and his energy is top level. There’s a sound difference to where it doesn’t matter while they rip things up. There’s definitely a minus code here but it works. Their energy is top notch and conveys the message they want to get out. the sitch up in energy is a definite play call that works. But the band returns with more power.

You can hear the song above or on Bandcamp. Digital songs are available from Bandcamp.

Image Credits: Photo by Lloyd Clipston.



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