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Mac DeMarco Drops Cover For Holidays


Holiday releases are just that. Put out a song that reminds people of the time of year they’re in and call it a day. However for Mac DeMarco that may not be the case. Making it a way to be, DeMarco has released Xmas songs for a while now and this year is no different. Rounding out the year DeMarco dropped his version of “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” and he lends his playfulness into it as well.

The song opens with a cathedral sound and a very simple vocal from DeMarco. The ease in his vocals carries a weight within it as well. His vocals and the keys are all you get and it takes you over as you hear them. The solid tipped vocals give you a strength that you may not get anywhere else. DeMarco and pal donning outfits on motorbike may seem strange but it works perfectly here.

The song can be viewed above. The whole track is two minutes long. You can grab last minute Xmas gifts from him here as well.

Image Credits: Photo by Monika Mogi.



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