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Trust Drops 7 Seconds Remastered Vinyl


Few bands changed the way we think about our world over time. The bands that could didn’t which is how we had the bands we got. Few people know this but 7 Seconds changed the map of the world with Walk Together, Rock Together. The album is a facet of every youth in North America and it sounds amazing. Now Trust Records has offered up a remastered version and it kills.

Form the opening phrases that get “In Your Face” going to the end remarks of “We’re Gonna Fight,” the band gives their all and doesn’t look back. Full of energy and spite the band never looks back upon them, they just slay through riffs. Even on songs like “99 Red Balloons” the band doesn’t offer apology, just harsh riffs that work. The whole album could be a greatest hits it’s so solid. The punk inside meets the punk outside and doesn’t relent.

The album can be purchased from Trust Records. It’s also available to stream wherever you stream music or download from wherever you do that.

Image Credits: Photo by Kane Boychuk.



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