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Texas Skeksis Defies All & Drops New Music


New music can be tough to come by in our busy lives. Creating a new band and then playing shows and writing music can be difficult to say the least. For Texas Skeksis, the idea really came from nowhere. The band made up of Charlie and Lauren of El Lago along with Sofi of a ton of prior acts has plenty of punch to their indie rock sound. Their new release Diver on the Edge offers them up with a more peculiar sound that tackles many of us and wins us over.

The opening track “Diver on the Edge” has a soft and easy going opening. The swirl of guitars feeding back against the haze of something else opens things. The way the vocals unfold give you their idea of a perfect world with ease and satisfactory elements. The deepening notes that surround the vocals take your ears to another place that comforts them. The sound of tones touching the edge steers your mind to a new place. The way the drums play give you an underscored notion of what things must sound like beneath the kit. For “What You Want” the tone of the instruments takes on a new life of their own. Between the soft breathy vocals and the bass the song opens delicately. The way of the song gives you plenty of gaze towards something new. Their way of pulling you in can only be described as mesmerizing. The quaint tone of the vocals pulls you at its edge and doesn’t let go. These songs are followed by instrumental versions of the previous two songs. They offer more insight while giving you a new way to hear the music.

The songs can be heard above or wherever you stream music and they can be purchased on bandcamp.

Image Credits: Photo by Connor Fields w/Karo Cantu.



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